Sunday, 1 December 2013

Why Negativity Effects us and How to Conquer it?

Every one of us is going through some kind of pain and this pain is deep rooted in ourselves and become a cause of unhappiness. The pain is the reflection of some past experiences and gradually leaves effects on our personality and gets absorbed in the unconscious mind.

We even sometimes do not want to accept or confront this existence of pain but it is reflected in the form of anger, irritations, impatience, the somber moods, rage, the need to have trauma in your life. This all is happening because pain is existing in the unconscious mind and it cannot nourish upon joy, pain needs pain to nourish upon. 

Consciously no one wants pain to continue, as it’s a form of insanity to desire pain, and “unconscious pain” existing in human body is afraid of being found out. It’s a state when we never accept that some past experiences are still affecting us and certain behaviors of ourselves are the result of past experiences. That again means that we are not living in the present state. Past is still leading us and is wasting our present time as well.

Once we learn to release ourselves from our thoughts, we actually are on the way to conquer pain, negativity, frustrations.  We learn to live in “NOW” that is present. Mostly when anyone of us starts THINKING some past experiences and based on that they decide to avenge, then it’s the past pain that is making one do that evil. So to shun all the anger, all the frustrations, all the negativity we have to train our mind to stay in “NOW” state.
How to be in NOW to Conquer Pain that causes Negativity?
Eckhart Tolle in his book “The Power of Now” explains a brief practice to control one’s mind, and recognizing the pain body that is coming from the past experiences.
  1. Focus attention on the feeling inside you.
  2. Know that it is the pain body and NOT you.
  3. Accept that it is there.
  4. Don’t think about it.
  5. Don’t let the feeling turn into thinking.
  6. Don’t judge or analyze.
  7. Don’t make an identity with yourself out of it.
  8. Stay present and continue to be the observer that it is happening inside you.
  9. Be aware not only of the conscious pain but also of the silent observer, the watcher that is you. 

This is how you can see what is happening inside you and who is controlling you. Once you learn to be in the present and realize that you and your thinking are two different things, you can successfully control the negativity existing within you. It will no longer remain powerful to control you. You can observe your pain existing within you and can deal with it. You can see what is causing a certain feeling and reaction. 

Why is Anxiety Created?

Anxiety is created when we are in the present whereas our mind is working on some future projects. The body is in the PRESENT that is NOW, but mind is existing in the FUTURE that we have no control over. As a result, there is anxiety in the body because mind is active, ahead of physical existence and body cannot be in the time that is not “NOW”

So living in the past or future does not bring solutions to the pain or problems. The solution is to be in NOW, the present. Once we learn to live in present, it leads us towards enlightenment, the joy, the state of happiness and peace where there is opportunity to work upon.

Learning from The Power of Now

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