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The Power of Sub-conscious Mind and its Positive Use

I was going through the book “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill and really learnt many rules I never came to know before. I am feeling so lucky to read this book and would recommend you to surely read it. You will surely learn a lot … if you read for the sake of learning …

Everything a person begins or is created starts in the form of desire. Desire leads us towards the further actions of accomplishments. And we all have desires for multiple things, we all have wishes to achieve certain goals in life. Those who have clear goals get successful in attaining it, but the ones who never determine for themselves can never reach the destination …. Because they never set the destination for themselves.

So for achieving goals, the book elaborates certain points to follow.  The first point is to achieve any goal one must have a burning desire … and the beautiful example of it is of a leader who burnt all the ships after landing on enemy’s land and left no option except other than to win. And that team won the battle because all its members had burning desire to win.
The second important factor for success is to develop faith and development of faith is very important however not easy. The rule to develop faith to achieve the burning desire is the affirmation or constant repetition to the subconscious mind, and with the repetitions, sub conscious mind accepts it and works upon the available plans to make convert the faith into a reality.

All religions have taught in one way or the other to have faith. One needs to have faith in oneself, in the infinite, faith is the starting point of all accumulations of riches, and is the basis of all mysteries and miracles that cannot be analyzed by the science. It is faith when it is mixed with the prayer; we are able to communicate directly with the infinite. A human mind attracts all the similar vibrations related to the dominant thought already existing in the mind. Any idea or plan that is placed in our mind is because of repetition of thought. It is this reason,  that it is suggested to write a definite goal that you want to achieve in your life so that it may be repeated again and again audibly until these vibrations reach to the subconscious mind. We are what we are because of the daily vibrations that are reaching to our sub conscious mind. 

Auto suggestion is the self suggestion that is an essential part of reaching the success.  Our personality is mostly what we repeat mostly to ourselves or in routine basis. This is the reason, the people who keep calling themselves poor remain poor because they keep suggesting their minds a situation and watch themselves in it. Success begins with the state of the mind. It all starts from what you suggest to yourself. If you think you are outclass, you are, you have to think high to rise, you have to be sure of yourself to win a prize and this all starts with self suggestions of affirmation, or belief and burning desire to have it. Once this suggestion reaches the subconscious mind, it plans how to reach the plan.  

Another important element of self suggestion is to add emotion into affirmation. If we repeat the most famous words, “ Every day in every way I am getting better, better and better” without any emotion, and with our mind busy somewhere else, we won’t find the desired results. 

It has been said that a man can create anything what they can imagine. The impulse, the desire and faith is given shape and action.  If you want achieve something, exercise daily imagining that what you desire as a clear picture. Imagine what kind of a person you want to be and imagine yourself daily how you want to see yourself. If you want to achieve riches, imagine how much money you want and imagine it into a physical form before your eyes watching it. 

Making the plans for your desire is a crucial part towards having it. Let us see how can we make a plan. 

  1. Ally yourself with as many people as you can for the creation of your plan.
  2. Before forming your master mind aligned, decide what benefits and advantage you would offer to the individual members who would be grouped with you in return for their cooperation as no one works for any without any compensation, compensation cannot be always in the form of money.
  3. Arrange to meet with the people of your master mind at-least twice a week or even more until you definitely make a plan for the accumulation of money.
  4. Maintain perfect harmony between yourself and every member of your master mind group. Perfect harmony amongst all the members is vital for achievement any goal. If you do not have it, you may lose the results.
  5. You must have plans which are faultless and take advantage of experience and knowledge of other minds. No person have got perfect knowledge to have all the knowledge of the perfect plan and this is why cooperation and harmony amongst all members is necessary.
  6. Make multiple plans, if your first plan does not work successfully; replace it with the new plan until you find the perfect plan that suits the situation or your goals. The biggest reason of failure is we get hopeless with few failures, failure is just a temporary defeat and in-fact is an experience. Accept the defeat as a signal that the plan is not sound and rebuild the plan.

Another step to reach the riches or successes is mastery of procrastination.  Lack of decision is one of the major causes of decision. People have   the habit to delay the decision that is the enemy of achievement. You have to quickly analyze and have to make the decision what you need to do. Everyone of us have got the opportunity to test our abilities and we must take quick decision in making them happen. A survey report says that all the achievers had the habit of reaching the decision quickly and changing the decision slowly. People who failed to accumulate money without exception had the habit to make a decision if any very slowly but were habitual of changing the decision very often. The successful people make the decisions soon but become definite and change it very slowly if it is required at all.

The ones who fail are observed are easily influenced by the public opinion. They are not definite about their decisions once made. They easily become victim of public gossip. If you are influenced by others opinion, this means you have no desire of your own. The principle is to reaching your own decision and following it. Make your decision and share it with the members of the council and choose the members of the counsel who are in harmony with your purpose.  

 There are thousands of people in the world who carry inferiority complex because of others’ opinions. You have a brain and mind of your own, use it, and get the council from the people in harmony with your plans. 

A common habit of people is that when they are near some knowledge, they voice a lot and give an impression that they are very knowledgeable. They adopt the habit to speak more and listen less. For making a prompt decision, make a habit to keep your ears open and mouth close. Those who talk do little. So do more and talk less.

When you open your plans to the all, it opens an opportunity to ones to delight and make gossip who envy you and they try to discourage you with their opinions. So disclose your plans to the ones who are in harmony with your plans. Show people with your actions and deeds, the people of deeds are more appreciated than the people of words.

Those who reach the decisions, promptly and definitely know what they want and generally get it. The leaders in every walk of life decide quickly and firmly. That is why they are leaders. The world has a habit of making room for a person who knows where his words and actions are going. Indecision is a habit that usually develops in the youth. This habit becomes permanent when children go through the school and high school and the university without definiteness of purpose. 

The major weakness of all the education systems is that they neither teach nor encourage the habit of definite decision. Schools and universities must also add classes to teach the students to make definite purpose of their lives. It is this lack of habit that all the youth seeks any job that they find after education. They do not know how to choose the employer. Financial independence, riches, desired position are not in the reach of a person who neglects definite planning and demand these things. All this knowledge would be useless if you do not make a plan of action.

Persistence is another step to riches and success. The basis of persistence is the power of will. Those who accumulate great riches are generally misunderstood as cold blooded. Most people give up their plans at the first glance of opposition. To take advantage of this book one must apply the six rules of success with persistence that are:

  1. To have a burning desire
  2. To develop Faith,
  3. Decision Making
  4. Organized Planning,
  5. Making Master Mind Group
  6. Persistence

Persistence is a major aspect of success. No matter how slow you are, but stay persistent. Those who pick themselves up after defeat and begin again achieve results. The knowledge of every failure that it brings with itself is the seed of success.

The subconscious mind is the focus of all these principles as this is the connecting link. The subconscious mind is the field of consciousness in which of the impulsive though reaches the any of the five senses and it is like a record of files from the thoughts can be recalled or withdrawn like taking a file from the cabinet. It receives all the files regardless of their nature. You can voluntarily plan any of the thoughts or plans by using the techniques of auto-suggestions, you can imprint belief, desire and persistence. All the planning is to be saved in the sub conscious mind through repetition that let us move towards the plan of action. The subconscious mind connects first with the dominant desires that occupy the mind. It is this reason a burning desire for the plan of action is required. One cannot completely control the subconscious mind but one can handover a file of plan for the subconscious mind to take action.

The subconscious mind is mostly affected by the impulses of thought or the feeling mixed with emotion. It is most commonly known that most people are ruled by emotion or thought. In this context, the subconscious mind is more susceptible to be influenced by the thought or the feelings mixed with emotions. Therefore it is important to be known with the positive and negative emotions. These emotions can be called the language of subconscious mind. In order to understand and have control over your subconscious mind, you must understand the language it understands. The positive emotions can be added by using auto suggestion. The negative emotions should be avoided. It is to remember that either positive or the negative emotions can dominate your mind. Both cannot stay in your mind at a time. Here you can use habit as a tool to control your mind. It is a habit that either you stay in positive emotions and either in negative emotions.  Make a habit to stay in positive emotion so that negative emotion could not dominate the mind.

Brain is a broad casting and a receiving station for the thought. Every human brain is capable of receiving the vibration of thoughts released by other brains. Through the emotions the vibration of thoughts can be increased. Thought is an energy that is traveling at an exceedingly high rate of vibration. Therefore, our thoughts can be received by the other brains like a broad casting machine and universally we are connected with the people having the dominant emotional either positive or negative. However, it is in our control, what emotion we train our mind to work upon.  This philosophy can effectively be used for master mind for getting connected with the people of similar thought to carry out your plan.

There are three biggest enemies that must be cleared out from mind and these are INDECISION, DOUBT, and FEAR. Our sixth sense would never work if any of these enemies are present in the mind.

Let us clarify the function of above three … Indecision is the seedling of fear … indecision crystallizes into doubts and when indecision and doubt both get blended it causes fear in human personality that creates obstacles in attaining any goal.

The biggest enemy of success is fear. There are six types of common fears and conquering all these kinds of fear is important.  It is important to recognize them as they remain hidden in the subconscious mind and deceive us. So before they deceive us, let us conquer them by recognizing them. Each one of us is affected by one or the other kind of such fears except the few lucky ones who are not affected by these. The fears are; fear of poverty, the fear of criticism, the fear of ill health; the fear of loss of love of someone, the fear of old age and the fear of death. 

The most common fear is fear of poverty and it is this reason that this book has been written because people feel insecure without money. It is said that a person having money can rule the whole world, and even would die with respect mostly but a poor person can face the extreme disgrace due to lack of money. And for each fear, there are multiple symptoms showed in the personality like not willing to take initiative, uncertainty of purpose, procrastination, lack of enthusiasm. It further destroys ambition, leads to sleeplessness, misery, unhappiness. Fear of poverty is most destructive of the six fears.  All these fears are labeled as ghosts that stop you from doing anything. They all need to be conquered to proceed to the path of accumulation of riches.

In addition to the six basic fears, there is another devil that works like rich soil upon which all kinds of fears easily grow. This is so hidden in human personality that it is sometimes hard to recognize it. It is known as susceptibility to the negative influence. 

People who get successful and get rich always protect themselves from this evil. It sometimes comes through others comments and sometimes appear from within. It has as many forms as possible. One must take a complete self analysis very often to monitor its existence and remove it from the personality. Make use of your will power and build a wall of immunity against the negative influences of your own mind.

The book very beautifully ends with the note that Life is a Checkerboard and the player opposite you is TIME. If you hesitate before moving, or neglect to move promptly, you will be wiped out of the board by TIME, because you are playing against a partner, who will not tolerate INDECISION!

Create a Burning desire for your plan, wish to achieve, Have faith, use autosuggestion to develop faith, make a master mind list and get connected, make an organized plan, share with only master mind, avoid procrastination and keep firm decisions, if rule 1 does not work, use rule 2, if rule does not work use the next until you get the right plan, stay persistent and avoid fear!  Success will come to you !!!
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