Sunday, 7 August 2016

Role of Media & Media Policy

Media plays a significant role on developing the minds of the nation. I have been noticing that media highlights all issues that may capture masses attention with out taking notice how it would effect the nation on a broader level. The emphasis on negative propaganda and negative news develop despair and hopelessness and it also nourishes nation to look at the negative side of any aspect.
I feel that there should be a policy where media should especially focus its role as a nation builder. The sounds, the ads, the programs we watch continuously effect our psychological mind. When media would only highlight the deprivation, people would ultimately feel deprived. Media has the responsibility to develop healthy minds. Masses are innocent, they cannot monitor such deep after effects but a nation's attitude reflects its psychology. 
It should be an international law that media must play positive role. It also comes under violation of basic human rights when one's psychology is developed negatively unconsciously. We must play the role to make our masses positive. We have to educate them. Its media that keeps playing 27/7 hours in our homes and its this voice that we regularly and continuously hear without any effort. There should be some especial focus on this. 

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